"'Blue Sails' is an uncommonly rich, luscious set of soulful psychedelia filled beyond the margins with fascinating colors and textures."

"Blue Sails takes solace in the thick, heavy-stringed sounds of Pink Floyd, the expansive, geography-defying tendencies of Spiritualized, and the psychedelic breakfast-gobbling of MGMT."

"[Blue Sails] is a sonically beautiful record with endless textures and layers to be peeled away slowly with each listen."

"Jam packed full of glamorous guitars, driving drums, and atmospheric synthesizers."

"Blue Sails remind of The Clientele on the initial verses “I Used to Try,” with caressing vocals and a spacey synth backing building to soaring guitar work past the two-minute mark...wrapping this track up just as beautifully as it began."

"'For Now' captures the pair's affinity of synth-led pop music, combining their hazy take on electronic music with a subtle overtone of otherworldly vocal performances."

"Impressionistic guitars drift above bold, driving drums. Whirring synthesizers awake in the midst of torrential storms."

"This record explores multiple soundscapes delving into dream-pop, shoegaze, and even blues and free jazz."

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